Suicide Has Become The Second Leading Cause Of Death In Adolescents

Suicide has become the second leading cause of death in adolescents between the age of 10 and 24.

I’m speaking from a Biblical perspective, when we have Jesus in our heart and He’s the foundation of our life, then we have purpose, when we know who we are in Christ we have hope because we know that what ever we are going through is temporary even when times are tough. We know that going through the fire so to speak is going to refine our character. We know that we are not alone that the Lord is with us and that gives us a sense of comfort and we can endure because we know that things will get better. God is more concerned with our character than he is our comfort and He wants to bring us to that place of trusting in Him and to do that we need to develop our faith.

Suicide Myth: Young people rarely think about suicide.
Reality: Teens and suicide are more closely linked than adults might expect. In a survey of 15,000 grade 7 to 12 34% knew of someone who had attempted or died by suicide; 16% had seriously considered suicide; 14% had made a suicide plan; 7% had tried and 2% had required medical.
In the US, suicide is the third leading cause of death. Suicide rates among youths aged 15-24 and for every youth suicide completion, there are nearly 400 suicide attempts. An important explanatory variable is the increased share of youths living in homes with a divorced parent.

Father-deprivation is a more reliable predictor of criminal activity than race, environment or poverty. Father-deprived children are:
72% of all teenage murderers.
60% of rapists.
70% of kids incarcerated.
twice as likely to quit school.
11 times more likely to be violent.
3 of 4 teen suicides.
80% of the adolescents in psychiatric hospitals.
90% of runaways

The weight of evidence indicates that the traditional family based upon a married father and mother is still the best environment for raising children and it forms the soundest foundation for society as a whole.

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