Interview with Jeremy Ray Borders

Interview with Jeremy Ray Borders

Who do you write your music for?

I write my music for Jesus and myself. The goal is to influence the world for Jesus by way of music.

What inspires you?

Obviously Jesus is the answer, and it’s genuine, but the closer I get to God the more the overflow affects people; So much of my inspiration comes from seeing people fulfilled and full joyous. You realize how much we can affect lives for Jesus by helping people realize their dreams, passions, gifts, callings. We focus on Jesus, which causes us to love people enough to see them change.

Is there a central message in your music?

No. I sing about anything God speaks to me about, which is everything.

What is the most important message you are sharing in your music?

To ONLY live to please and obey Jesus regardless of our flesh – we cannot compromise.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since you began sharing your music?

Seeing people’s lives changed forever – that’s the goal. I would rather not make music if it doesn’t affect people’s lives.

Most musicians have a specific reason for writing songs or making a video – what is yours?

I thrive off the creative process – swimmers have to swim, doctor’s have their practice, musicians have to write and creative! It’s my gift, calling, to affect others, to have an outlet, to express what God’s put inside me…and the list goes on.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

I want people to fall in love with God and understand His presence. Often I think to myself, “if the world could just feel the presence of God the way I do, everyone would be changed in a second and given over to the Lord.” But of course we all have to make the choice to seek God ourselves with our own will, which allows us to determine just how much of Him we want. How much are you calling and asking for God to show up to you? It’s so important for your growth and faith walk!

Did your environment or upbringing play a major role in your music?

Yes. I’m incredibly blessed to have been brought up by parents who were deeply in love with God and very strong Christian leaders. My mom led me to the Lord at age 3 ½ and I started playing the piano in my church at age 10. She was a guitarist, singer and traveled to churches sharing her testimony. I went with her much of the time. My dad taught Sunday school and was the Awana Commander at our church. I was motivated as a child to get ALL my friends ‘saved’ at Awana – while giant candy bars for bringing them!

How would you describe your musical style?

Very eclectic because I play and perform every genre, Christian and secular. 50% of my job is touring on cruise ships where I have my own show and have to play 99% secular music, while the other 50% is ministering in churches when I’m on land. It’s very cool that God allows me to minister to all people groups at the same time. Cruise ship life brings folks that would never step foot in a church, or haven’t in a long time and my mission is to bring them to God. The favor He’s given me on sea is almost overwhelming, but it’s all for God’s glory and it’s changing lives!

Is there anything you’d like to share with your audience?

In heaven we will be doing what we’re most passionate about to ‘show’ the rest of heaven – literally for fun and to please God. Knowing this should to help motivate and free us to use our gifts and passion now for God because that’s His plan for us! Of course we have to guard our hearts from being prideful or having a ‘performance’ driven spirit, but God gave us talents to use and to present to the world – He wants to free us from holding our gifts in in fear of ‘anything.’ We are created to love Him and love others through our gifts.

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