Monica Deller, an Amazon Bestselling author, hopes to bring more awareness to the issue of human trafficking and is compiling stories for a new book series on human trafficking and related subjects.

We might think that getting help with human trafficking cases would be relatively straightforward. After all, we have all kinds of resources available – hotlines, helplines, 911 call centers and government websites. Unfortunately reporting and getting real help with a human trafficking case can be very difficult as Monica Deller, best selling author and CEO of Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches recently discovered. She related her experience in a piece on her site entitled “Human Trafficking: Does Anyone Have Suggestions On How To Get Help?” That article read in part:

“A couple weeks ago someone reached out to me desperate for help, they had tried various avenues that either left her afraid or threatened. A friend to her told her about me, having read my articles and news release, they thought I might help.
“I called the Hot Line number on the Attorney General’s web site; it’s a hot line for if you are witnessing or suspecting something happening but they were at a loss as to help me because I couldn’t give them personal information for this lady… keep in mind, they are a hotline, therefore I had no way of knowing how secure they were. They told me they could not help me, and I was tying up the Hot Line.
“I then called the number on the Governor Generals website, it too being a Hot line, and got the same response.
“I called the office of the Attorney General, because they are big on working to eradicate Human Trafficking. I spoke with a very nice man who was very helpful, he gave me the number for the transcontinental human trafficking criminal department with a lady’s name to speak to. I called several times over a period of a week and left messages. She never did call me back. Everyone said call 911 but the mother was too afraid – because of the level of corruption she had encountered, she didn’t know who to trust.
“I called the police looking for the Chief as I had been told he was a great guy and safe to talk to but he was away for a week and the person I spoke to didn’t want to talk to me, they wanted the person I was acting for. I got no help there either.
“I called back to both the Attorney General and the Governors office asking how I would be able to get an appointment only to be told neither were accessible.

“You can understand my frustration at this point. This lady had, had her 5-year-old kidnapped and believed she was being trafficked but like her, I was unable to get any help. Her life and that of an older daughter were threatened. To me, this was a case that needed immediate attention and there was no help available. To me this child and her mother were in danger and there was nowhere to go for help.

“A pastor friend, Pastor YJ Jimenez who I hadn’t spoken to for years called me to congratulate me on my recent news release, I told him of my frustration and what I had done so far… he gave me the name and cell number for Sheriff Brad Coe, who he knew personally, he spoke highly of the Sheriff and said he’d be a safe resource that we could count on. I called sheriff Coe and he immediately set up an appointment for the next morning for me to come and see him. From that meeting, he arranged for a meeting with the appropriate authorities to meet with the mom and I. Thanks to the sheriff things are now happening.”

Texas leads in the war against Human Trafficking and they have good contact numbers to call if you’re witnessing or suspect someone being trafficked but there is a gap that needs to be addressed and that is who do you call in a case like this? On the Attorney General’s site there is a video you can watch online or order to show groups to educate yourself and others on what to look for in your environment to be aware of what is going on and report.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          BE THE ONE!!!!                                                                                                                         PREVENT ~ RECONIZE ~ REPORT

But we need to do something about setting a system up for after the fact. Every Life Matters!