About Our Programs

By taking troubled children/youth out of their normal environments, they are forced to face their past behaviors and choices and learn from them. With a group of their peers, they embark on a journey of personal and emotional growth and skill development.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches offers programs for troubled children and youth that is based in a therapeutic environment on teaching four core values: Relationships, Respect, Responsibility, and Integrity. The Ranch provides the child/youth with supportive structure and therapeutic activities, which are goal-oriented and address specific developmental skill and knowledge deficits as well as emotional and behavioral problems.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches Mission: Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches, an environment where adolescents can develop, practice and improve healthy interdependence, social accountability, responsibility and self mastery through principle based decision making, value congruent behavior, and honest achievement in a traditional ranch setting. Our goal is that the child and youth emerge with a new perspective on their lives and with renewed hope for their futures.

At Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches, we realize that interacting with horses has the potential to be of great value. We maximize the use of horses by incorporating them into an animal-assisted therapy program.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches equine therapy program combines the power of the horse with effective teaching, learning, therapy sessions and discussion groups to provide the maximum benefit to our kids.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches equine therapy program integrates horsemanship instruction with team building activities, experiential learning, and therapy groups to create a unique program with endless possibilities.

In addition to the traditional equine therapy programs that all Trauma To Triumph Family Ranch kids participate in, we also offer specialized equine therapy programs for children/youth with attachment and grief/loss issues as well as aggression and anger.

Equine Hospice Program
Our equine hospice program clinically designed for students with significant grief/loss issues, attachment problems, empathy deficits or other emotional disturbances.

Child/youth work with a small herd of horses with health problems that require specialized care.

They participate in all aspects of caring for the horses, from feeding, exercise and grooming and making health care decisions.

These activities help the students develop compassion, empathy, a sense of responsibility and a willingness to make personal sacrifices for the care and well-being of others. The focus of the hospice program is on helping the student develop skills and a healthy understanding of grief, loss and death. Kids who are struggling with grief or loss grow in their ability to manage these feelings in a healthy manner rather than becoming debilitated by them.

Mustang Program
Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches also houses a herd of wild mustangs that have not been haltered, saddled or led. Our mustang program pairs rebellious teens with rebellious horses.

The youth train the mustangs to be ridden, and the mustangs teach the teens to develop self-discipline, patience and the benefits of approaching others with a softer, gentler approach.

Because mustangs are prey animals accustomed to surviving in the wild, the only way to successfully approach and train them is through controlled body language, clear communication and adept problem-solving. Trust can only be established by speaking softly, being gentle and gradually getting closer to the animal.

Training these young, wild horses has tremendous therapeutic value for defiant, aggressive and rebellious teens.

Mustangs are strong and smart, and getting them to accept a rider takes a great deal of time and patience. By learning how to read the horse and respond to its fear’s youth learn valuable communication skills.

With the help of the mustangs, child/youth whose behaviors were once out of control learn to show affection, cultivate trusting relationships and communicate in positive ways.

The child /youth is assigned to a residential team that consists of other same-gender close in age child/youth and goes to the dorms to be with his or her team. The team represents a family structure.

Dog Therapy
Emotional support dogs provide comfort, companionship, help with acceptance, depression or relief from loneliness.
Child/Youth learn how to nurture, understand, communicate with, motivate and reward their dogs. Many of the principles the child/youth learn in the program transfer to their own lives since they see the benefits, they are providing their dogs.

Even when the youths are not always able to make good choices for themselves, they will respond to the challenges presented when training their dogs in order to benefit children/youth often express a tough exterior to their peers and adults, but they spontaneously drop this demeanor when working with their dog They see how their dogs respond to the positive instruction they are providing, and positive comments from peers serve as incentive for the youths to manage their behavior and participate in the program.

Kids participating with the dogs learn tools to teach and reinforce basic to advanced obedience commands and learn to work with dogs that have various behavior issues just as they might. Dogs and children learn in much the same manner, through trial and error, by making associations between one thing and another.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches will work with local shelters and dog rescues so the dogs in the shelters benefit too. As the dogs interact with the youths in positive ways and are taught manners and skills (e.g. how to greet people and other dogs, how to wait at doorways, how to go to their mats), they are socialized to the expectations of the human world. They are thus more likely to be adopted from the shelter and to remain in the home, reducing their risk of euthanasia. This also increases the youths’ self-esteem as they see the impact of their efforts

Sports Therapy
We will develop various sports teams from our residential kids that will play each other in our competition size sports center. The sports program will teach the same skills as the equine therapy program will be applied to developing healthier relationships and making positive contributions to one’s family, church, school, and community.

Gymnastics, Swimming pool, Bowling, Basketball, Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Track

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches program gives the struggling child/youth the opportunity to learn more about themselves, become disciplined, to work together as a team, to trust others and to be trustworthy. Students who participate in competitive athletics learn that their choices and actions affect more than just themselves.

Wilderness Therapy
We believe in the role that healthy outdoor activity plays in the growth and development of young people and have various programs to enhance this, one is a backpacking trip that will enhance endurance as an individual and enrich abilities to work as a member of a team. Backpacking expeditions will teach about challenge and accomplishment. Students learn that by choosing their path, instead of letting it choose them, they can go further than they ever imagined they could. They discover their true abilities and potential - and gain a genuine sense of accomplishment.

Reasons For Team Building

Improving communication
Getting to know each other
Getting everyone "onto the same page", including goal setting
Teaching the team self-regulation strategies
Helping participants to learn more about themselves (strengths and weaknesses)
Identifying and utilizing the strengths of team members
Practicing effective collaboration with team members

What are team-building exercises and what is their purpose?

Team-building exercises consist of a variety of tasks designed to develop group members and their ability to work together effectively. The purpose of team building exercises is to assist teams in becoming cohesive units of individuals that can effectively work together to complete tasks.

Wilderness expeditions are an excellent training ground for skills that will become a valuable resource later in life. Adventure activities promote among struggling youth physical fitness and basic proficiency in trip-planning, navigation, camp set-up / take-down, cooking, and other technical areas. Coupled with advancement of these skills. A change of environment provides an opportunity for a struggling youth to challenge themselves in new ways. Adventure activities provide a fertile ground for participants to see beyond preconceived limitations and discover their untapped potential. Instructors guide participants through the challenges that they face, facilitating growth in areas of values orientation, communication, conflict resolution, respect, goal setting, and strategies for continued success beyond our program.

Rock climbing
Combines physical, mental and emotional challenges into an exciting and rewarding adventure. When a team takes part in a rock-climbing program, trust is gained at an accelerated rate – team members literally put their lives in the hands of their partners. An excellent bonding and foundational trust experience, a rock-climbing instructional program can serve as the launching pad for a strategic planning session or other facilitated meeting. The trust gained through a shared experience helps team members to be open to new ideas, less likely to be judgmental, and can foster the creative spark that enables teams to generate innovative solutions to their problems.

Ropes Course Challenge
Is an excellent all-round form of physical exercise. They require both mental and physical prowess to overcome the obstacles, help develop a sense of teamwork, also learn to evaluate and overcome problems and boost their confidence. Successful team building events should carry over into personal life.

The combination of Low and High Ropes Courses enable participants to grow at both the team and individual levels, exploring risk, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and coaching. The Low Ropes Course focuses on collaboration. The challenges call upon every member of the team to participate, and they present unending opportunities for self-discovery and team growth. The High Ropes Course emphasizes risk-taking, trust, and coaching. Each moment is rich with discoveries, whether a person is climbing, supporting or finding an effective way to encourage a teammate.

Communication & Anger Management
Through the group the child/youth will learn the triggers of anger, as well as the physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioral responses to anger, especially when in conflict. The program will assist the child/youth in learning how to respond to feelings of anger and associated emotions in a more positive way through learning assertive techniques, coping strategies, problem solving, communication skills, self talk, and helping the child/youth take responsibility for their actions. Child/youth will learn new ways of communicating their thoughts and feelings more effectively.

Life Coach Therapy
Requires a supportive environment where individuals can begin to make changes in their lives. Teaching the troubled child/youth responsibility and accountability is the most important concept in Life Coach Therapy. We define responsibility as the ability to fulfill one’s needs and to do so in a way that does not deprive others of the ability to fulfill their needs. The problem is not that the standards set for troubled children/youth has been too high, the problem is that the child/youth’s behavior has been insufficient. Life Coach Therapy is aimed at helping the child/youth in trouble gain more effective control over their lives. A Life Coach using these principles helps at risk children/youth to face reality and be accountable for their words and actions, and problem solve so they can meet their needs in the world. At risk children/youth can also use these new skills to improve their success in the world. Life Coach Therapy is based on the belief that we all choose what we do with our lives and that we are responsible for our choices. Responsibility is defined as learning to choose behaviors that satisfy our needs and, at the same time, do not deprive others of a chance to do the same. Life Coach Therapy focuses on the troubled child/youth’s behavior in his/her approach to therapy. The mentor becomes involved with the child/youth and helps him/her to examine his/her current behavior with a goal of improvement in the future. An individual who is frustrated, or is frustrating others, is taught to evaluate what he or she is doing and, from this evaluation, learns to practice more effective behaviors Influence child/youth, to set personal boundaries, and understand the cycle of change in a child's/youth’s life. Understanding the Source of Behavior—how to see what creates a certain behavior the underlying thoughts, feelings and needs. They are empathic, careful listeners, able to help the child/youth clarify the critical issues that impact their ability to be successful. They are familiar with strategies for behavior change, enabling the child/youth to make fast progress on their goals.

Gateway Program At Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches we will be using computers for online school with the National Home School Academy which uses the Gateway Program. We will also have teachers in the classrooms. The Gateway Program integrates the NEW College Preparatory Academy’s academic components (Customized Curriculum, Accelerated Learning Strategies, Comprehensive College Preparation, and Personal Mentoring) into an Advanced Academic Approach to prepare, package, and position students for college success. However, beyond the components of the programmed, it is the way we implement these to prepare the student for success in education, business, and life.

The Advanced Academic Approach is the crux of Gateway Program and what separates it from all other programs.

Mastery and Excellence come from a trained mindset and the exercise of good habits. In the Advanced Academic Program, students will be held to a Mastery Standard, give them the tools to achieve it, and patiently show them how to do it on their own.

To achieve the Mastery Standard, we will use the Program Academic Model—a process that requires a student to answer all the questions, to get all the questions correct, and to continually go back and re-work their assignments until they get all the questions correct. This model strips out all the conventional excuses that are made for low student performance. The student progresses as he or she completes the task – all the task – to the Mastery Standard. This reduces student performance and advancement to only two variables: Application and Effort. If the students will apply the tools, they are given in the Learning Strategies, they will learn that will take considerably less effort to achieve that 100 score.

Student assignments are programmed such that if the student applies the tools that he/she has learned, the student will move through a course considerably faster than a student would in a conventional school. The term “Student Paced” is used to describe how the student should progress. This is not “Self-Paced,” because with many students “Self-Paced” means no pace all. With the Programmed Academic Model, every student can make an “A” if he or she will simply apply themselves and put forth the effort.

Year-Round School - In public and private schools, students get “Spring Fever” about April 15 and “coast” the rest of the school year – losing their last six weeks. When they return to school in the fall, it takes until Columbus Day (middle of October) before they get back to April 15 – a loss of six months – half a year! Thus, we have the parable of the “Tortoise and the Hare.” If students will simply continue their academic progress year-round, they will get TWO academic years of work done in ONE calendar year! Add in Accelerated Learning Strategies will see students who complete three years of middle school in one calendar year!

Adding the extra three months provides for more flexibility throughout the year. In public and private schools, families must schedule their lives around “school.” With the Gateway program, you schedule your life around… YOUR life. There are students involved in activities and a year-round school year allows a lot of flexibility with travel and pursuing those activities.

Early High School Graduation – With students moving faster, getting coursework done earlier, our students at Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches can graduate earlier than their peer group. Students can advance as fast as they want. Students finish high school 2-3 years early making it possible to have 16, 17, and 18-year-old college graduates. However, early graduation is not compulsory.

Our kids and youth will have every advantage at Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches to succeed academically, athletically, the arts, and in etiquette. Despite their beginnings their achievements will be something they will take with them the rest of their lives.
Education ~ Business ~ Life The Ultimate Learning Program Accelerates and Enhances the ability to READ-STUDY-TEST-WRITE Better and Faster. Based on the principles developed by Howard Berg, “the World’s Fastest Reader,” this program provides strategies and techniques to learn and perform Better and Faster.

The kids will participate in church leadership and will actively take part in the running of the church, preaching, worship etc. under the leadership and guidance of the pastors to gain leadership training and learn responsibility.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches Supervision Policy
Each residential home has a maximum number of 12 same sex students and is supervised by mature adult House Parents, 24 hours a day. Staff members accompany students to all group activities, assist in homework and/or therapy assignments, participate in outings, and provide life skill education.

Level System
Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches residential program revolves around a five tiered level system. All children/youth begin at the lowest level. Through honest achievement child/youth can work their way up, earning respect and privileges along the way. Modeling after the ranch component of the program, the levels consist of the following, in ascending order and with their phase objective listed:

Level advancement opportunities occur once a week. However, once a child/youth has achieved a level, he/she is required to remain on that level for a period in order to demonstrate that the child/youth is ready for the challenges at that level. Additionally, the child/youth must take appropriate time to prepare for the next level. Each resident desiring to advance completes the Level Advancement application by presenting their case why they should move to the next level and gives it to the team leader in his/her group. Team staff approves or deny the application based on careful consideration of the child/youth’s genuine preparation and merit. Team members also provide feedback to the child/youth. The child/youth then must attend a team or committee meeting, which resembles a job interview, in which he/she will state the reasons why she/he thinks level advancement, is warranted. The student must then answer questions from the members of that committee. The staff then decides as to whether the child/youth merits a level advancement or not. If the child/youth is denied, staff will offer feedback about their decision.

As each child/youth move through the level system, she/he is encouraged to move from external controls to internal ones; from simple compliance to genuine desire to change.

The goal at Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches is to increase the self esteem and life skills competency of each child/youth as well as to ensure their emotional, mental, and physical safety.

Extreme Youth Program:
With added security and 24/7 surveillance, youth who have more severe problems will be separated on the ranch and go through a more intense and vigorous program including a specialized wilderness program. These youth will still be housed in a family setting with parents, grandparents, and an uncle for the boys and an aunt for the girls. Two specialized care homes, one each for girls and boys. Additional staffing will be added for overnight security in the two homes. As each youth graduate this program, they will move into one of the regular family home.

Broken Homes, Broken Hearts
As the family goes, so goes society.
Families are the backbone of society. When families fall apart, society falls into social and cultural decline. Ultimately the breakdown of the American family is at the root of nearly every other social problem and pathology.

Just a few decades ago, most children in America grew up in intact, two-parent families. Today, children who do so are a minority. Illegitimacy, divorce, and other lifestyle choices have radically altered the American family, and thus have altered the social landscape.

There is a mountain of scientific evidence showing that when families disintegrate, children often end up with intellectual, physical and emotional scars that persist for life. We talk about the drug crisis, the education crisis, and the problem of teen pregnancy and juvenile crime. But all these ills trace back predominantly to one source: broken families.

Family Restoration
At Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches, the family therapy component is one of the most critical for the child and family's long-term success. Because most of the ranch's students return home after attending the program, restoring function to the family unit is a top priority. We will closely with Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches Community Outreach for the parents and guardians of the children residents at Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches to participate in programs offered to the families of the children.

Included in the program:

Interpersonal/social skills
Conflict management
Problem solving
Anger management

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches targets specific programs to parents through spiritual teaching, parental training, support groups, and individual life coaching to:

Develop a deeper, more meaningful parent/child relationship
Strengthen the parent’s effectiveness to care and nurture their child
Understand the roles of the mother and father in raising a child
skills to implement discipline through consistent and effective consequences
Develop effective communication patterns

Life Skills Teaching
The Residential Life Coach provides hands on training to encourage the development of life skills as needed, including budgeting, personal hygiene, shopping, cooking/menu planning, and housekeeping. Training is provided individually or within a group depending on the needs of the individuals.

Parents will learn to love again, receive help in changing the environment of their home, learn new ways to handle situations, and receive instruction on how to trust God for the first time or renewing their lost faith.

Our goal is to see families restored. That kids can learn life changing skills and faith that will carry them on to be responsible adults. Parents will better understand the importance of training, guiding and loving their kids; that they will be family as it's intended to be.

Marriages Restored
Parents will learn to love again, receive help in changing the environment of their home, learn new ways to handle situations, and receive instruction on how to trust God for the first time.

Learn new skills in communicating, personality types, and learning to speak your spouse’s love language.

Families will work together to strengthen their relationships through workshops and Family Coaching at Trauma To Triumph Family Community Outreach.

Our desire is to see families restored and living in victory as their lives are transformed through our programs. Kids can learn life changing skills and faith that will carry them on to be responsible adults.

Though corporate gatherings are biblical and have an immense level of importance; we will find tremendous spiritual growth in the lives of people who engage with one another in smaller groups. One key element of growth is the ability for a person to open and share his or her views, and likewise receive from others. Additionally, smaller groups form close bonds with each other that can last a lifetime.

Our Program will include a safe place for homeless kids/youth and families. The following will be offered through New Hope (our homeless program) Intake will assess each potential client.

Emergency - A 24-hour shelter offering a full range of services to runaways and homeless kids/youth at Trauma To Triumph (our city outreach program) and will evaluate the students before entering our residential program at Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches.

Transitional Living - For homeless, pregnant and parenting teens, where they will learn a full range skill built in a supervised setting who would enter our homeless residential program.

Our goal is to work with pregnant teenagers to help them to finish school, go to college, and get a career. Receive love and support. They can participate in the educational program, life skills training, parenting education, home economics, nutrition counseling and mentor programs.

Accommodations for the pregnant teen or teen mothers will be in small apartments where the pregnant or parenting teen will learn hygiene, cook, clean, budget, money management, and shop and learn parenting skills under supervision.

Street Outreach (Will be done through Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches) - reaching street kids where they are at and building trust through building relationships with homeless, runaway, and high-risk youth and encouraging them to enter Trauma To Triumph Ranches residential program.

Our mission is to promote and assist the development and well-being of children, youth and families.

At Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches we strongly believe that families are the backbone of a community. When families are in trouble, children suffer. Helping young people reach adulthood, achieve their potential and become productive members of the community

As part of Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches Community Outreach we will minister to the spiritual need of the whole person, whole family, and whole community. Besides the traditional main service, there will be gender and age specific groups that will teach, and model, Christian truths, in relevant (yet counter cultural), inter active, life changing and challenging, ways. These include:

The leadership of this church will be a pastor, who will also be serving under, and accountable to the Spiritual Chief Operating Officer. Leadership of the varied programs will be handled by “seasoned” Christian individuals, who have both experience, and have been trained in, each genre they will be responsible and accountable for. Each will be directly accountable to the level of leadership above them, and ultimately to the Bridge of Hope Ministries International board. Continual training, and times of refreshing, will be the mainstay of the leadership, along with growing, and maturing people spiritually.

The singularly, most important evidence, as to the vital nature in meeting this need is the statistic of the significance of one’s spiritual wellbeing and its decrease in young people, as highlighted in the report

Religion plays an important role in the lives of many children and teens and is positively associated with many aspects of child well-being. Religious teens are more likely than their non-religious peers to engage in healthy behaviors such as exercising regularly and wearing a seatbelt, and to have healthier eating and sleeping habits. They tend to hold more conservative attitudes toward sex and have lower levels of sexual experience…. In addition, teens who report that religion is very important to them are less likely to engage in violent behavior towards peers or teachers. Teens that report religion is very important or pretty important in their lives are less likely to have been in trouble with the police in the past 12 months, to have used hard drugs, to have been offered drugs at school, to have sold drugs, to steal, to vandalize property, to trespass, or to be sent to the principal’s office.

Personal Life Recovery/Development Programs for Adults
Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches Center Personal Life Recovery/Development Programs are Christ-centered and open to adult men and women ages 18 and older, who are ready to overcome life-controlling issues that include, but are not limited to, substance abuse, anger, depression and the emotional residue left by mental, physical and sexual abuse. Enrollment is free. and individuals are taught to confront and overcome their issues by learning to create positive coping techniques based on Biblical principles, to walk in the victory and freedom we have in Christ, and to mend broken or strained relationships with the goal of reuniting with their families. Service to others and a regimented work therapy program are in place to benefit each person and add value to the Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches campus and surrounding community.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches also offers an intern program for the “graduates” of the Personal Life Recovery/Development Programs. An intern continues his or her service by learning how to apply the Biblical principles learned in the programs to their everyday lives as support staff in one of the many ministries of Hope Centre organization. Interns are also required to continue and participate in advanced staff leadership and relationship classes.

Core curricula which will form the Personal Life Recovery/Development Program include, but are not limited to:

Life Skills coaching Workshops Discipline
Conflict management Communication Problem solving
Self-control Anger management Self-respect
Depression Abuse The Holy Spirit

Life Skills: We also train every individual to understand and accept their role in responsibility and accountability to life as a whole, their place in it, as well as for themselves and their actions and behaviors. Life skills are some of the most basic skills needed to survive in life, as well as learning the ability to cope with stresses and challenges of daily life. These practical life skills are taught within the ever-present principles of the overcoming life and wisdom found in the Word of God.

Conflict Management: Conflict occurs when individuals or groups are not obtaining what they need or want and are seeking their own self-interest, sometimes unconsciously and at other times, quite consciously. Consequently, conflict is inevitable and develops because we are dealing with people's lives, jobs, children, pride, self-concept, ego and sense of mission or purpose. Our programs will teach individuals how to recognize triggers of conflict, and how to respond to the associated emotions and anger with coping techniques and strategies to communicate through, and diffuse these instances, both inwardly and outwardly.

Adult Classes Classrooms (including a kitchen classroom) will be available to teach skills such as:
Finance and budgeting
Pre-natal classes will be taught, including childbirth and labor.
Proper nutrition and cooking, in order to help parents, learn to better care for their children and themselves.
Various life skills.

Ongoing classes will be required to maintain assistance.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches programs will focus on introducing and working through root causes, and underlying thoughts and feelings, which move many people into these dark moments in their lives.

Human Trafficking:
Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches has programs to rescue, rehabilitate, and restore female victims of the most insidious industry in the world. Victims are subjected to force, fraud, or coercion for the purposes of sexual exploitation. Trauma To Triumph Family is designed to restore these women through spiritual guidance, education – including basic literacy and job skills training – counseling, legal aid and assistance with becoming a U.S. citizen for victims that were smuggled. The program also meets basic human needs such as clothing, healthcare, food, and shelter in a loving, safe and supportive environment at an undisclosed location. The purpose of which is to fully restore victims so that they can be functional and healthy members of society.

Life Management Skills:
Managing of one’s life comes in many different as one matures in and enters the many stages of life. The purpose of LMS is to educate and train individuals in the everyday tasks of life which many may refer to as mundane; yet are essential and fundamental to everyday living. Skills taught, and are not limited to, the following:

Homemaking Money Management Budgeting
Shopping Meal Planning Cooking/Baking
Time Management Family Dynamics* Parental Relationship*

Personal Development:
Through many happenings people encounter, at differing ages, whether thrust upon them through no fault of their own, or brought upon them in ignorance or on purpose, too many have “life gaps.” These “gaps” leave them unprepared to handle life’s situations, and to conquer them and grow. Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches has Personal Development programs to fill in the “gaps” and present each individual whole; spirit, soul, and body. To achieve this, every individual will learn, educate, and grow about themselves, in the following areas:

Prison Ministry:
Reaching out to the prisoners offering them the opportunity to access the programs and Bible studies and one on one life coaching. Give them the opportunity to transform their lives.

Many have never finished High School, having dropped out, or forced out by no fault of their own, Hope Centre will have in place required courses for any individual to obtain their GED. We will also have Life Coaches and case managers to assist those looking to further their education by going into secondary, or vocational institutions, along with training to successfully navigate through SAT and ACT exams.

Language Classes:
We will have language classes to teach anyone to speak quality English.

So many have little, to no, reading skills. This is a travesty in our great country. Trauma To Triumph Center will have available the training to teach anyone, of any age, to read proficiently and more, to improve their lives and wellbeing.

Health & Nutrition:
Classes on developing proper care of bodily health, whether it is daily hygiene care or other health care for non-life-threatening illnesses. Nutrition will also be taught to encourage healthy eating habits, thus maintaining a healthy, overall, body and sense of being.

Career Development:
Classes to train individuals in the “art” of writing resumes and cover letters, along with job interviewing skills and techniques. Also, good “office” communication skills, and coworker/team interpersonal skills, will be accentuated, to ensure the best outcome for every person moving into the work force.

Recreational and Cultural:
Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches will offer everyone opportunities to broaden their “cultural” horizons, along with recreational activities. We will offer wholesome, Christian, and family entertainment in the form of movies; music (including live concerts); comedy (live Christian comedy); art and the Arts (whether through introduction to, in the teaching of, and/or participation through trips to museums, art shows, etc). Recreational activities will include sports (individual and team) in Ranch leagues, such as baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches will also have a Game Room, exercise rooms, an indoor climbing wall, outdoor fields, track and field activities, and more. It will be equipped with contemporary equipment and furnishings that appeals to all, and which will further engage the whole person, of any age and any gender.

Food preparation and Distribution
Meals will be served to children in the program while on the premises, whether that be for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, including snacks at various daily intervals. Food Pantry for those needing assistance with ingredients for home meal preparation, food will be distributed according to vouchers given at financial assistance office.

Single Mom Support Services
Single moms have special needs and require additional assistance. The single mom program will help single moms connect with other single moms on a weekly/bi-weekly basis for classes which address their own needs and questions, while their children are cared for in the facility. The ranch will also work to find affordable housing for the single mom and her family.

Work with Center hairdressers, salon owners, nails salons, and spas to provide vouchers for the women to be pampered once a month.
Mom’s night out. Provide sitter services for mom’s who have earned this privilege through class attendance and family mentor recommendation. Give mom’s special spa days for their birthdays. Work with area spa’s and massage therapists

Foster Care Prevention Program
For families in danger of losing their children to the foster care system due to a basic physical need in the home, we will work with the foster care system to provide assistance to those needing such items as beds, stoves, etc. Each year children go into foster care needlessly simply because the parents are not financially able to keep their home up to certain basic standards. These losses can be prevented simply by supplying the needed item, thus, helping to keep families together. In addition, we will work with those who have already lost their children to assist their return to the home.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches central purpose is to help provide under resourced children up to age 11, along with their families, HOPE of better tomorrows, no matter what stage in life they are in and what circumstance they currently find themselves. Classes and the tools needed will be available to help parents and/or grandparents find and develop what they need to create happy and fulfilling lives for themselves and their children/grandchildren, to the point they are then able to come to the place where they themselves are helping others do the same. Parents/grandparents/guardians will remain members as long as the children are members of either the children’s groups or the teen groups. No child or family will be refused for lack of finances, and vouchers will be used so that no family will be singled out for getting assistance. In addition, as families become more financially independent, they will be given the option of remaining members through a sliding scale with a very minimal payment system established not to punish those who better themselves, but to make more funds available for those needing greater assistance. In addition, helping within the center may be exchanged for payment/vouchers.

Child Advocate
Each child will be assigned an advocate to individually evaluate, monitor, and assist them. This partner will meet with their children individually on a regular basis to assist with questions, problems, or simply to be a friend. They will be also on the lookout for issues which would endanger or threaten the child in the home or within that child’s environment and report any issues to Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches leadership for further investigation. Partners will also monitor for mental health and medical issues present in child and child’s family which require more complex care and make appropriate recommendations first to the Director who will then discuss those concerns with the family.

Before, After-school and Summer Program (ages 4 to 11, divided into smaller groups according to similar ages for safety of younger children):

The purpose of this program is to aid in keeping kids in a safe, loving and learning environment both before and after school, and into evening hours when necessary while parents may still be working. These would include such things as:

Adopt a ‘grandchild’ program. Older adults come in to connect with the children. Playing games, reading together, etc.
Age appropriate movie/DVD time.
Breakfast will be served on premises before school, with snacks and dinner available for those on premises after school.
Computers loaded with educational and ‘G’ rated games. Internet will be available only for older children needing work on educational assignments.
Computer classes to teach skills and computer safety.
Daily Bible Lessons and lessons on character development, social skills, and good choices.
Game room equipped with items such as: arcade games, board games, etc.
Life skills are taught; such as: hygiene, nutrition, handling conflict, good communication, proper behavior, etc.
Music & Dance practice
Reading time with younger children being read to and older children reading to reach attainable goals for awards.
Sport programs.
Teaching of the English language.
Vitamins will be given each day with parental written permission.
Work with school system to have children picked up and dropped off at Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches before and after school. Children will not be permitted to leave until picked up by parent/grandparent or permitted adult or dropped off at home via van or bus. Children will not be dropped off without parent or permitted adult present at the home.
World time, where kids are introduced to different countries and cultures (even within their own country) in fun ways, to give them a picture of a world outside of their own. This will serve to help them see beyond their own circumstances into the lives of others, and help them to see, accept, and even come to appreciate other cultures as merely being ‘different’ rather than ‘incorrect.’

Preschool and Daycare Program Care for preschool age and infant children will be separate from that of school age children. For children age 3 to 5, preschool will also be given at specific times during the day, thus allowing for those not needing daycare to bring their children for just the preschool program.

Adopt a ‘grandchild’ program. Older adults come in to connect with the children on a weekly basis.
Computers will be available for learning activities and to familiarize children with working on computers. Internet will not be available.

Curriculum will reflect our belief in God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Daily Bible lessons and lessons on character development, social skills, friendship, and making good choices.

Playground for preschool children will include age appropriate and safe equipment and toys. For those children with special needs (i.e. autism) who cannot be included in regular classrooms, there will be a separate classroom and teachers to accommodate them. This will serve to give them the extra special attention and care they need and will also serve not to distract the regular classroom children. However, they will interact with other children in some classes.

Art for Kids The goal of the art center will be to give kids an outlet to give expression of their emotions and feelings in a safe environment where they can also learn to utilize their talents in a positive way. The ranch will utilize in-house teachers and various ‘guest’ teachers from the surrounding communities. We will work with the area’s many accomplished artists to make guest appearances to encourage the kids and give them positive role models.

Teaching children the visual arts; such as painting, pottery, photography, ceramics, sewing, drawing, jewelry making, weaving, etc. Art will be displayed in the center, and at various events during the year. Will also work within various community businesses to display the art outside of the center and in the greater community at large in order to further encourage the children’s efforts and help build within them a sense of fulfillment and self-worth.

Children will be taught appreciation and skills of dance

Children will have available gymnastics equipment and instructors and can participate in meets.

Children will be taught appreciation and skills of voice and various musical instruments of choice.

Kids learn drama and perform plays and musical theatre, at Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches, and also at various venues in their community as a way to learn to reach out to help others, and share God’s love in a real and tangible way.

Sports facilities with Gym and Exercise Room
The facility will contain a gym with basketball court, track, swimming pool and exercise room. Children will participate in various scheduled activities for both exercise and athletics. Parents/grandparents, whose children are signed up for the Ranches programs, will be given access to the exercise room and gym at various times during the week. Scheduled parent/grandparent activities (such as: basketball & volleyball, aerobics classes, Christian based martial arts, etc.) will be available while children are in their own activities. Exercise room will also be available while children are in their own activities. Sports facilities with soccer field, baseball diamond, softball field, and track will be on site. Both children and parent will be eligible to sign up for scheduled sports programs and teams.

Swimming Pool
Swimming pool will be available for children, youth and parents/grandparents whose children are signed up for the program. Schedules will be made for age separate children’s swim classes, adult swims, and open family fun swims. We will develop swims teams who can compete at swim meets.

Family Night (with family mentor’s on hand)
Various activities will be available on Friday nights to help families develop a deeper, more meaningful parent/child relationship, learn how to make family a priority. It will also connect the families with other families striving to accomplish the same positive goals.

Children’s Program
This program’s purpose will be to also help keep kids in a safe, loving environment rather than on the street, having a goal of helping them to find and develop their gifts, talents and interests, in a fun way with the help of positive role models to connect with. A major goal of the center will be to help kids find and develop their natural, God given ‘difference’ for them to find hope of a bright future. It will also serve to give to the under resourced the advantages typically only afforded those of more financially resourced children.

Boys and Girls clubs

4 – H

Horseback riding club

Toast Masters (child version)

Youth Life Coach
Each child will be assigned a Partner to evaluate, monitor, and assist each youth. This partner will meet with their youth individually on a regular basis to assist with questions, problems, or simply to be a friend. They will be also on the lookout for issues which would endanger, put at risk, or threaten the youth in the home or within the youth’s environment, either in or out of school, and report any issues to Trauma To Triumph Family Ranch leadership or further investigation. Partners will also monitor for mental health and medical issues present in the youth and youth’s family which require more complex care and make appropriate recommendations to the Director who will discuss with the family.

Before and After-school and Summer Program (13 to 18, divided into smaller groups according to similar age):
The purpose of this program is to aid in keeping teens in a safe, loving and learning environment both before and after school, and into evening hours when necessary while parents may still be working. These would include such things as:

Age appropriate movie/DVD time.
Breakfast will be served on premises before school, with snack and dinner for those on premises after school.
Computers loaded with educational and ‘G’ rated games. Internet will be available only for work on educational assignments. Computers will be protected from adult material via protection software.
Computer classes to teach advanced computer programs.
Game room equipped with items such as: table tennis, pool table, arcade games, etc.
Life skills are taught: such as: good study & bedtime habits, nutrition, handling conflict, effective communication, proper behavior, anger management, etc.
Music & Dance practice
Sport programs
Teaching of the English language.
Vitamins will be given each day with parental written permission.
Work with school system to have teens picked up and dropped off at center before and after school. Teens will not be permitted to leave until picked up by parent or someone with written parental permission or dropped off by bus/van at agreed upon time to teens home.
Career Development Program Classes and individual assistance from the career counselor in helping youth find and follow their natural career bents through:
Career assessment tests.
College and trade school understanding and assistance.
College funding assistance and knowledge given (i.e. Fafsa, etc.)
Resume development.
Job interview skills.
Job ethics and integrity training.
Job retention skills, such as job etiquette and proper business behavior.
Job advancement training.
Professional days when people from the community come in to explain their profession and answer questions on education, job requirements, and responsibilities.

Youth Art
Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches will be to give teens an outlet of expression and creativity with which to convey emotions and feelings in a safe and creative way. They will be able to learn how to utilize their talents and creative energy to produce positive results. As in the kid’s center, in house teachers as well as ‘guest’ teachers from the community will work together to teach and encourage the teens as well as give them positive role models.

Program will highlight visual and performing arts; such as: dance, gymnastics, theatre, drama, set construction, voice, musical instruments, sound board, directing, play writing, book writing, costume design and construction, and various forms of visual arts.

Youth Fun Factor
A fun place just for teens. Arcade, fun choice of foods, with Christian contemporary music playing, and the teens will have a time to fellowship and have fun. Teen partners will be in attendance to better get to know their teens and to have fun and fellowship with them.

Youth Program
This program’s purpose will be to also help keep youth in a safe, loving environment rather than on the street, having a goal of helping them to find and develop their gifts, talents and interests, with the help of positive role models to connect with. A major goal of the center will be to help youth find and develop their natural, ‘difference’ for them to find hope of a bright future. It will also serve to give to the under resourced the advantages typically only afforded those of more financially resourced children.

Busing to Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches for part of day for horse care and horseback riding lessons.
Dance classes (with a yearly recital for those who regularly attend.)
Day trips to various museums, zoos, skiing, etc.
Drama, dance and musical programs will be performed at the holidays and various other times during the year.
Extra tutoring as needed, or desired.
Music classes (instruments, voice, choir—instruments will stay at the facility and will be practiced during after school hours until such time as youth has met specified goals of responsibility and competence to be awarded the privilege of taking instrument home.
Sports activities; such as: Basketball, Baseball, Girls Softball, Soccer, Track, & Volleyball.
Writing classes.
Youth will also have opportunity to take part in service with their gifts and talents. In addition, youth will be invited to audition for the youth worship band which will lead worship for the church youth group.

Movie Theatre
Movie Theatre will show moral, encouraging, and fun movies.

Organized Family Outings
Various outings for the families will be planned throughout the year for those with young people involved in the center, to places such as: Camping, museums, movies, plays, skiing, weekend and summer camps etc.
Outreach Programs for Youth
Driver training for those eligible to earn their driver’s license.
Provide for youth backpacks and school supplies.
Vitamin distribution. Work with schools to provide vouchers for families needing assistance for ordering school pictures, including athletic pictures, etc.
Work with schools to supply athletic equipment, tennis shoes, and athletic fees for under resourced children.

Youth Reaching Out Programs will be planned for teens to reach out to other teens, and older adults, in order help build a sense of esteem within the youth and to encourage and model for them a lifestyle of giving and helping.

Community Services
Adopt a block: Volunteers will do housework, minor home repairs, yard work, paint over graffiti, play games with the children, visit the elderly, and distribute food, clothing and household items in the neighborhood block. Also, when available, make donations to the neighborhood of appliances and furniture.

Bus Ministry:
This ministry will not only assist in bringing volunteers and people who don’t have a vehicle to the Adopt a block programs, but also bring people to churches and other events hosted by Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches Outreach program.

Community/City Outreach Events:
These events will include: Back 2 School supplies giveaway for kids; Thanksgiving Turkey and Christmas Toy giveaways; Food/Grocery giveaways; Live Christmas Nativity; Fireworks displays for special occasions and holidays such as July 4th, Special Community/City Easter services, and more.

Night Out
Once per week, children can be dropped off at the children’s center in order for married parents to have a ‘date night,’ and single parents to have a night out.

Sunday Church Outreach
Children and families will be bused to Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches for church on Sundays. Children’s Church, and various programs. Here, children will have opportunity to take part in service with their gifts and talents

Organized Family Outings
Various outings for the families will be planned throughout the year for those with children involved in the center. Destinations will be to places such as: zoo, circus, museums, plays, skiing, etc.

Outreach Programs for children and families
Assistance programs will be put in place to add joy to the life of children in need and provide them with those things which help a child to be a child. This will help show the children and families that we do indeed care for them and will also help to further open the door for more interaction between the center and the families in order to better assist not just their physical needs, but their emotional and spiritual needs as well. Items to be given will be solicited and accepted from individuals, churches, and community and national businesses.

These activities will include such things as:

A supply of gifts will be kept on hand for those families needing assistance for their child’s birthday gifts.
Bicycle Rodeo to teach bicycle safety and distribute bicycles, helmets, bells, baskets and water bottles to those who successfully complete the course.
Distribution of back packs and needed school supplies at the start of each new school year.
Distribution of vitamins, both for children and parents, also with the use of vouchers.
Toys (new, not used) given away at Christmas time for those who attend the Children’s Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches Christmas Dinner and Program.
Work with schools to provide vouchers for families needing assistance for ordering school pictures, including athletic pictures, etc.
Work with schools to supply athletic equipment, tennis shoes, and athletic fees for under resourced children.

Hope Helping Hands

Will patrol and provide services in the city.
Responding to calls for help Fix flats
Gas up
Jump batteries
Vehicle unlocks
Remove graffiti
Rides for the elderly and those unable to drive for appointments and shopping
These services are free. Pamphlets on our programs and an invitation to visit us at Hope Centre will be given after each good deed.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches Library
The Library will serve to be a reading and study center. It will also contain books on parenting, pregnancy, marriage, and other pertinent family topics. Also available to be checked out will be Christian videos and DVD’s.


In Summary, Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches programs have been designed for the purpose of changing lives by giving Hope by meeting the needs of hurting and lost people by teaching them how to overcome life-controlling issues that range from homelessness, hunger and lack of education to substance abuse and human trafficking, experience the wholeness and victory in life, and most importantly, introducing all to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Who provided all for us, in His Love.

Operational Procedures, Personnel, and Management of Ranch

Initially, when required, every individual and family will undergo, with trained and experienced counselors, in depth assessment and screening to properly place them on the proper Life Success Track, in Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches programs. Our mission is that no one is left behind, and all are ministered to, ensuring life success, spirit, soul, body, emotionally, and socially, in God’s Love and acceptance, and will be recovered, redeemed and restored. After this is completed, each person and family will be assigned a case manager who will work with everyone to develop an Action Plan to ensure all resources applicable to individual and personal situations and circumstances, are implemented and followed up on, to maximize life transformation. The goal is having all see that they are not alone, but within a community of love and support who want only their complete success in life. The case manager will continue to be a friend, confidant, and liaison, who will work along with all to be sure every support system required is both accessed and maintained. This will include periodic evaluations. Life coaches will be used -who will work with the client to make an Action Plan

Foremost will be the hiring of key leadership personnel, and strict screening of volunteers, with in depth and continual focused training in each support area they will be involved in. God’s Love and acceptance of others are the key values of Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches will be headed by Executive Directors, who will first of all be seasoned Christian individuals, well versed in the understanding of the Word and Love of God, who can effectively teach the Word of God, and who have a call to reach people of all walks of life, and see them be transformed, redeemed and saved in Christ. Other key leadership personnel will be hired to handle specific areas of ministry, including human resource, accounting and payroll, facility oversight, and training.

However, Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches is volunteer-driven and welcomes anyone that wants to use his or her skills and talents to make a difference, and offers opportunities that can change not just one person, but entire families, a community…even a city. People can give a few hours or an entire day serving on one of dozens of outreaches and ministries that benefit the communities we serve.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches volunteer programs include:

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches Internship is a program for those who are either participating in, or have “graduated” from, programs within the ranch, to give back to others by volunteering on the support staff in one of the many ministries, or in the business area of the ministry. This program encourages both adults and teens to give back and to be a living “…epistle…known and read by all.” (2 Cor 3:2, KJV), and to commit to service of 4 to 12 months. This will enable many to enhance their personal, professional and spiritual growth.
Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches Missions is a program that allows for groups and individuals from anywhere in the U.S., or the world, to experience, and take part in, our many outreaches and programs first hand. These “mission” programs can be for either weekends, or weeks on end, to give to, and take back, what God is doing in lives.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches Company and Corporate Volunteer Program is for those employers who encourage their employees to get involved within their communities in a meaningful way.

Trauma To Triumph Family Ranches Ministry Training Program is an in depth, comprehensive, discipleship program for youth and adults who seek to do more for God in their own local church and community. This is a 9-month Bible program which, by classroom teaching and ranch participation, places people into the front lines of serving others. In turn, upon completion, they are prepared spiritually and practically, to return ready to serve and support to their communities and churches, seeing lives changed.

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