Interview With Greg J. Matthews, Author Of Wild Awakening

Interview With Greg J. Matthews, Author Of Wild Awakening

Wild Awakenting

Who did you write your book for?
I wrote it for me: To heal from the physical and emotional trauma and PTSD as a result of the grizzly attack. I wrote it for God: To tell how grateful I was to my Dad in Heaven for rescuing His son and for healing and restoring my heart through the physical scars I still carry today. I wrote it for all of my future readers: To establish the truth and dispel the lies of what it really looks like to fall deeply in love with and have a Dad son/daughter relationship with the Father we have always dreamed of having.

Is there a central message in the book?
Our identity in this world, and finding true purpose in life, is never found through our achievements. The foundation of lasting joy and purpose is only found when your heart is unleased to engage in deep intimate relationships with God, Family, and those closest to you. We were created to have the foundation of who we are, rooted in the relationships we invest in.

What is the most important idea you are sharing in your book?
To shatter the world’s performance based rules of having an intimate relationship with God. Wild Awakening reveals a path to complete heart restoration and literally changes the way we think as Gods kids. When that battle of the mind is won, we are free to draw near to the kindest, gentlest and most loving Dad in the universe. This book tears down the seemingly impenetrable barriers of shame, guilt and condemnation and draws us into His arms of love and most importantly arms of “Grace”

Tell us your most rewarding experience since publishing your work?
The most rewarding aspect of writing this book is the hundreds of emails and messages I have received communicating how their lives have been completely changed through the reading of Wild Awakening. People are shedding their shame and guilt and running for the arms of their Dad, Jesus. Simply Amazing!

Most authors have one specific reason for writing a book. What was yours?
What is the part of your book you personally like best? The laying out in detail of the seemingly unending miracles God performed to save my life and restore the heart of a broken hearted eight year old boy……..ME!

Other than selling your book, what do you hope to accomplish with it?
One person, one family, one city, one nation and one continent at a time; I want to remove the lie that says “because of my past God could never love me”. I want to replace that lie with “Daddy I know I have a lot of baggage I’m dragging behind me, but I know now that none of that matters to you. Can I just crawl up in your arms and let you hold me?”

Did your environment or upbringing play a major role in your writing?
My upbringing and my life environments played a huge role in my writing. God’s fingerprints are all over my life both the good and bad parts. The situations in my life gave me the story, but God wove my writing together to heal me, and I believe to heal others.

How would you describe your writing style?
I have been told that my writing style is geared more towards fiction. The reason for this perception, is because of the level of detail I write to. Working with my editor/writer in bringing together Wild Awakening, I found we were removing some descriptive details. His reasoning was that we needed to leave room for the reader to paint between the lines with their imagination. I love to write in a way that convinces the reader that they are the character in the story, experiencing every sight, sound, smell and action as if they were really there.

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